Hi I’m Dr. Carlos Vazquez and I am the host of the Web TV Show and soon Radio show “Circle of Insight” which explores the many facets of human behavior such as “the mind of a killer”,”what is consciousness ?”, “Do we need God?” and much more. We accomplish this by interviewing the great thinkers and leading experts in their respective field.

Our Motto is simple- Wherever there is psychology involved, we are there!

I wanted to ask you if you would be interested in being on our show? We want to do a show on your life story and a message to today’s youth

The Circle of Insight’s vision-
Founded in 2013, Circle of Insight is an educational, research and training institution-think tank-whose mission is to explore the tough issues & questions and to create, develop, and distribute content that will stimulate, encourage, and facilitate serious discussion in the hope of advancing awareness and truth.


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