In the explosive publication by European Centre of Information Policy and Security (ECIPS) called ISIS in Africa, last friday, the ECIPS established the ISIS tree as divided into two different trees linking the ISIS alliance to several African organizations such as Qibla and Boko Haram. The report makes it clear that our border focuses should not only be on the Syrian epidemic but also urgent attention should be brought to the African continent particularly travellers from Africa such as South Africa. The reports deals the presence of radical Islam that can be felt and seen across Africa and the recent development of the ISIS crises can be seen within Africa with a particular systematic development in South Africa.

ECIPS warns that one of the main part of the problem dogging an effective response to the spread of ISIS is the danger of political correctness and the problem in understanding the language of radical Islam. the report writes : “We could argue and ask what would an effective strategy be ? Is Obama doing the right thing to engage only in airstrikes ? Some might argue yes and some might argue no. The point is that ISIS is swaying the position whilst the US can’t react fearing ISIS sleeping cells, its own problem closer to home, to be awakened in the HIVE cell of ISIS, of which by now, the CIA would have realized ISIS might have acquired the knowhow in how to do things to calculate the probable desirable outcome. The problem we face is, what happens when ISIS has learned from their experiences and pass it on to the next evolving product that will be born from ISIS in the future ? “

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