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Finding balance in one’s mental health and consciousness is sought after in many religions. Being aware of our conscious and monitoring our unconscious material is a first step in this process.
In Buddhism, Amita is the leading Buddha of pure land or ultimate bliss. Amita believes this can be achieved by strengthening ones character, doing good deeds, and meditation. In addition, we can identify with archetypes such as Jesus to model.
Jesus is a glorified and perfect example of humankind that is untainted by sin.

Jesus, the First and Last,
On Thee my soul is cast:
Thou didst Thy work begin
By blotting out my sin;
Thou wilt the root remove,
And perfect me in love.
Yet when the work is done,
The work is but begun:
Partaker of Thy grace,
I long to see Thy face;
The first I prove below,
The last I die to know.