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Number 10
The Ten Commandments- the law

Tithes represent the whole of what was due from man to God, as marking and recognisiing God’s claim on the whole. It was 10% of what we earned

Fire came from Heaven ten times, six of which were in judgment:—

Genesis 19:24, on Sodom.
Leviticus 9:24, on the first offerings.
Leviticus 10:2, on Nadab and Abihu.
Numbers 11:1, on the murmurers at Taberah.
Numbers 16:35, on Korah and his company.
1 Kings 18:38, on Elijah’s offering at Carmel.
2 Kings 1:10, on Elijah’s enemies.
2 Kings 1:12, on Elijah’s enemies.
1 Chronicles 21:26, on David’s sacrifice.
2 Chronicles 7:1, on Solomon’s sacrifice.

There were 10 times when the people shouted for joy-
Leviticus 9:24, when the fire from heaven consumed the first sacrifices.
Joshua 6:20, at the taking of Jericho.
1 Samuel 4:5, when the Ark was brought into the camp.
1 Samuel 10:24, when Saul was chosen king.
1 Samuel 17:20, when Israel went to fight the Philistines.
1 Samuel 17:52, when pursuing them.
2 Samuel 6:15 (1 Chron 15:28), when the Ark was brought back from the house of Obed-edom.
2 Chronicles 13:15, when God smote Jeroboam before Abijah.
2 Chronicles 15:14, when Asa and the people heard Oded’s prophecy.
Ezra 3:11, when the foundation of the second Temple was laid.